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*Our BA and MA degrees are fully accredited by University for the Creative Arts - the #1 creative specialist university in the UK. Study in your preferred language - English, Spanish or Portuguese. Collaborate with students from 45+ countries around the world in one of the leading digital schools for design and marketing professionals.

About LSDM - Where Passion Becomes A Profession


London School of Design & Marketing is a digital school offering high-quality university courses, delivered online, for students around the world.


Meet Our Students

  • LSDM gives you the opportunity to attend your studies in the most suitable way, according to your lifestyle. From a distance it allows you to keep working or studying (as in my case), establishing yourself, the pace you need to do everything that’s necessary. If you have any doubts, your tutors will respond immediately in order to solve your problems. I’m very pleased with this, because my biggest fear was not being able to communicate with teachers if had any doubts. They always know how to help you.
    Aitor Merino
    BA Design Student
  • The experience has been quite positive. Every week we have new lessons, self-assessments, discussion forums. We also have a tutor who is always available to help us with any questions and with our projects. I feel supported, despite doing things at my own pace due to this flexible schedule. Assessments are demanding because they are focused on the application of concepts, not on concepts themselves. We have to know how to apply the learnings and I feel I’ve learned a lot from this kind of teaching.
    Ana Sofia Ferreira
    BA Marketing Student
  • Taking my BA in Design at the LSDM has been a unique and innovative experience. I have never taken an online course, and I can say that it has exceeded all my expectations. I feel the dynamics of the classes, the activities, the interactivity through the forums, the proposed projects, the conferences with the tutors and colleagues, the way the content is made available, absolutely everything works well to provide a better educational achievement from classes, with motivation and enthusiasm.
    Bruna de Paula Leite
    BA Design Student
  • I love doing weekly assignments and sharing my thoughts and impressions about the lesson on the forum with other students and our tutors. I especially remember the implementation of the first projects at the beginning of the studies. Until that time, I had not had to study either abroad or online, so it was challenging for me, but with the help of tutors who are always in touch, I could do it.
    Anastasia Zharkova
    BA Design Student
  • I was surprised by the course and the content. I had already done a course online but without the same level of learning provided by the LSDM. The LSDM doesn’t only offer us content, it encourages us to learn, to explore and deepen our knowledge. Self-learning was always the best way to learn. It’s a very practical course, for its nature makes us apply our knowledge.
    Carla Maia
    BA Design Student
  • The level of learning I’ve been acquiring is unparalleled, because we can easily understand and assimilate the contents while applying them in everyday issues.
    Cristina Abreu
    BA Marketing Student
  • When I became aware that I could get a Master’s 100% online, I didn’t hesitate and enrolled. This way, I can focus on my professional activity and study at my own pace, in more convenient schedules and achieve my goals.
    Gilberto Pereira
    MA Marketing Student
  • With this Master’s, I’m sure that, besides defining myself in the market, as a visual designer, web designer, I’ll be able to have a much more defined and accurate sensibility and visual culture than those so far.
    Marina Santo
    MA Design Student
  • The experience is like no other, the topics addressed are debated by students from other countries who live different realities. Such cultural diversity is shared online and results in an incomparable knowledge degree.
    Eduardo Loyo
    MA Marketing Student

Meet The Faculty

Carlos Sa BW

Executive Director

Carlos Sa

Sara Petiz

Deputy Director

Dr Sara Petiz

Frank Khan Sullivan - Director Marketing

Head of Marketing & Communications

Frank Khan Sullivan

Armando Vilas-Boas

Design Leader

Professor Armando Vilas-Boas

Andreana Buest - Tutor

Design Tutor

Andreana Buest

Manuel Gouveia BW

Marketing Leader

Professor Manuel Gouveia

Larissa Santos Silva - small

Finance Manager

Larissa Santos Silva

Guilherme Sette BW

Marketing Tutor

Guilherme Sette

Graca Felix - Student Office

Head of Student Office

Graça Felix

Moe Bagheri

Marketing Tutor

Moe Bagheri

Ines Rodrigues

Design Tutor

Ines Rodrigues

Sandra Faria (1)

Marketing Tutor

Design Faria

Academic Advisor - Miguel Lima

Admissions Team Lead

Miguel Lima

Academic Advisor - Edna Zabala

Academic Advisor

Edna Zabala

Academic Advisor - Vania Alves

Academic Advisor

Vania Alves

Grace Moran BW

Academic Advisor

Grace Moran

Academic Advisor - Keila Alves

Academic Advisor

Keila Alves

Nuno Felix - Lead Developer

Lead Developer

Nuno Felix

Igor BW

Academic Advisor

Igor Rocha

Ilaria BW

Academic Advisor

Ilaria Arena

Gintare BW

Academic Advisor

Gintare Narmontaite

Making Education Accessible & Affordable

LSDM’s courses have been developed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to acquire knowledge and technical skills in the creative arts of Design or Marketing, taking into consideration the latest technologies and innovations in E-learning. Every course is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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