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London School of Design and Marketing – LSDM – is a specialised school in Design and Marketing which aims to change the teaching paradigm with an innovative and creative education, 100% online and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We offer a learning experience with practical results through a systematic orientation, combining the students’ vocational features with the advanced design of technical skills. We are committed to offer exclusive online courses, accredited by the University for the Creative Arts, through the acquisition of new knowledge suited to the challenges of an increasingly demanding job market.


LSDM’s courses have been developed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to acquire knowledge and technical skills in the creative arts of Design or Marketing, taking into consideration the latest technologies and innovations concerning E-learning. Every course is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


LSDM’s E-learning experience is characterised by high-quality academic content developed by doctorate teachers, along with other resources, such as videos, infographics, scientific articles, digital libraries, among others. Every student is supervised on a weekly basis through a Tutor Centre composed of a team of specialised tutors who ensure the content’s assimilation by promoting interactivity, interest and curiosity. Every LSDM course is exclusively online and flexible; hence students can attend classes anywhere at any time.

LSDM – London School of Design and Marketing is part of Talent – Individuality Through Education  an international network of schools with over 20 years of experience in the area of teaching. It has a universe of educators and employees ready to help and develop talent in schools of higher education in Europe and Latin America.


London School of Design and Marketing associates its creativity and technical accuracy with work experience, bringing you practical and dynamic 100% online courses in Design and Marketing, which meet the current job market’s demands. The courses taught by LSDM consist of highly specialised content through the use of advanced learning and evaluation programs.

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About Us - LSDM
About Us - LSDM


We believe the creativity, innovation and development of technical skills are the boosting drivers of a successful career. In LSDM, we prepare students for the most demanding challenges in the job market, combining not only the knowledge acquired but also a passion for what they do.

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Where Passion Becomes a Profession

Time to turn the design and marketing industry on its ear. Unleash your passion…round out your creative talent with the technical rigor and industry experience that companies require from tomorrow’s rising stars. The London School of Design and Marketing brings this all together, delivered on your desktop, in small group classes and in our London-based seminars.

Your dreams inspire our industry experts who share their knowledge and success in the design and marketing fields. Your unique style and expression are given shape and form. With us, you learn at your own pace. You reach your own summits of design and marketing success.

International design and marketing is Competitive… Demanding…Fast-changing. Our unique approach is shaped by those facts. You bring this approach to life. Nurture your creativity, acquire industry knowledge and get the technical skills you need. This is how we grow with you at the London School of Design and Marketing. This is how you get the competitive edge.







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“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

Edward de Bono


Have you experienced those brief, surprising moments when you see something completely differently than you did before? Differently than others see it? That’s a creative micro-moment. If harnessed, it becomes innovation. The worlds of design and marketing thrive on these moments. Hundreds of them.

Creativity is spontaneous…but what does that do for you? Creativity only becomes marketable and profitable when it is given structure. Structure such as a new marketing plan. A better product. A strategy to capture new customers. A new channel to expand geographic reach. Students in design and marketing programs must learn how to channel their creativity, building successful careers on a foundation of objective, professional skills.

Our exclusive, inclusive environment trains you to turn intuition, inspiration and creativity into skills.

Creative minds think differently. Experience the world differently. Learn differently. Only the London School of Design and Marketing gives you the impetus to explore, learn and experience something new, something unscripted, something unplanned….while getting a seriously intense education.

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