Studying at LSDM

A New Way To Learn

We offer a new teaching experience based on the sharing of knowledge and work experience, focused on the search of great talents in creative arts.

LSDM’s Bachelor and Master’s courses in Design and Marketing are entirely online and are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The courses have a strong practical component suited to real challenges. Our commitment is ensuring effective learning through the regular supervision of our tutoring centre.

Fully Accredited Degrees

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) accredits every LSDM course: Bachelor’s in Marketing – (BA Hons), Bachelor’s in Design – (BA Hons), Master’s in Marketing (MA) and Master’s in Design (MA). UCA has around 160 years of history and has been considered a leading Specialist University for the Creative Industries in the United Kingdom according to the Complete University Guide 2021.

UCA has risen to 32nd place overall in The Guardian University Guide 2022. Among this University’s graduates are Oscar award-winners, proclaimed worldwide filmmakers, entertainers and fashion designers.

On Your Own Terms

Studying in LSDM will provide the flexibility only a full-time e-learning experience can offer. Students will be able to choose their course and benefit from the possibility of studying from home.

They will also be able to accommodate their schedules with their learning experience, having no impact on their personal or professional life. It will be up to the student to determine the most convenient schedule and days to access our lessons’ contents and carry out the proposed challenges throughout the weeks.

Experienced Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff is composed of qualified, experienced and reputable teachers. Besides the Doctorate level academic degree, they have well-established professional careers, connecting the academic component with the job market. We believe an excellent teaching staff enhances the learning results of LSDM’s students.

Accelerate Your Career

LSDM’s courses have been designed with a vocational approach in mind, which allows the students to be ready to face the job market and/or reach successful careers. All Bachelor’s and Master’s courses are approved and recognised by the University for the Creative Arts and they provide the opportunity to study in a language better suited to the student: English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Advanced Learning Techniques

LSDM’s programs benefit from advanced teaching techniques, such as digital teaching and scenario simulation. Such technologies are student-centred, focusing on the learning experience, and provide teachers and students with interactive tools that prove fundamental in e-learning actions.

Recruiting Outstanding Tutors

LSDM’s students are supervised on a weekly basis through a Tutor Centre, composed of a team of specialised tutors who ensure the content’s assimilation by promoting interactivity, interest and curiosity. Our Tutor Centre is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The team is composed of tutors with Master’s degrees in Design and Marketing, and with proven experience.
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