The 4 types of Email Marketing Strategy

The 4 types of Email Marketing Strategy

“The 4 types of Email Marketing Strategy” by Márcia Monteiro

When marketing professionals decide to start a Marketing Email campaign, it’s very important to know which types of email can be sent.

Blog updates: this is the kind of email that notifies you every time there’s new content available on the blog. This kind of content is great to start interacting with readers. It’s a way of keeping the list active and in touch with newly produced content.

Newsletters: many companies, organisations or brands send updates on a monthly or weekly basis to their contacts with key articles, blog posts and news in the business or market area. However, everyone is overwhelmed with newsletters from dozens of companies and that’s why is necessary to invest time creating a newsletter with its own personality and relevant content for readers.

Invitations for events: emails are excellent to promote events organised by the company or brand. The greatest challenge is to present, clearly and precisely, why it’s so important the people to whom you sent the invitation. Do not forget to include all the necessary information, such as location, date, time, limit of participants, among others.

Leads nutrition emails: nutrition consists of a series of emails with relevant, targeted content that help a lead to walk through a selling funnel until a clear purchase decision.

Marketing professionals, while using the marketing-email correctly and efficiently, must also pay attention to: the most suitable template for each business area, product or service; the creation of a database of emails making sure that everyone has given permission to be contacted by the company, organisation or brand.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing

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