6 Essential Steps for a Successful Entrepreneur

6 Essential Steps for a Successful Entrepreneur

6 Essential Steps for a Successful Entrepreneur” by Márcia Monteiro

If you intend to be a successful entrepreneur, you should know there are no secrets. There is boldness and a set of behaviours that must be adopted on behalf of an incredible journey of success. First, it is necessary to demystify the true meaning of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is not just someone who has decided to open a company or a new business. An entrepreneur is a visionary who has identified a gap in the market and, therefore, wants to solve the problem. If you relate to this, then get to know the 6 essential steps to ensure you will be a successful entrepreneur.

# 1 Fall in love

Starting a business requires you to be prepared for an enormous amount of work and to dedicate yourself body and soul because, after all, this is your passion. It also requires time, dedication, commitment and focus. So, considering all of this and the number of things you have to give up on, this business should be something that you are passionate about, that motivates you, that makes you get up from bed every day with strength, determination and a clear goal.

# 2 Be Different

If you’re planning to create a new product, service or brand, know that it’s not easy to start a business, survive and thrive in an increasingly global and competitive market. The main focus should be differentiation. Don’t be just another in the market, try to be unique, present solutions so far unknown, take time to discover who your potential customers are and what they seek. Make a difference and present a totally innovative product, service or brand.

#3 Set goals

Creating a new business area is not as simple as it sounds. Besides being passionate for that business, the entrepreneur needs to set clear and measurable goals, finding metrics that allow evaluating its progress.

#4 Plan

Once you find a business area that you are passionate about, after identifying the differentiating factor and setting goals, you need to plan the best way to manage and operate all actions in order to achieve the proposed goals. Creating a business plan should be the starting point for your entrepreneurial journey.

#5 Be exceptional

We know the market is global, extremely competitive and more and more saturated, so the entrepreneur must be exceptional at everything he does because the success of the business area depends solely and exclusively on him/her. The entrepreneur needs to be a number of things at the same time: manager, leader, he/she should have technical and professional skills, should be sensitive to the market, to customers and to people. He/she should also make sure that everyone who can possibly integrate the business area (future employees), have the same philosophy and believe in the same values. The idea and passion for a business area came from the entrepreneur but no one can do everything alone nor is good at everything. Therefore, an entrepreneur must know how to find the right people to complement their skills, and he/she should be able to create a good network of contacts

#6 Be patient and persistent

Build a business area from scratch is not an easy task. In fact, it’s a journey full of tasks, actions and learnings and therefore, things do not always go well. The entrepreneur needs to be patient, make the best of the positive aspects in learning and never give up in the face of adversity. Being patient and persistent is the path all entrepreneurs must take. It’s also necessary to stand up for your ideas, face problems as if they were challenges that need solving and learn from mistakes, reacting quickly and do not let yourself down by the difficulties.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing

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