Benefits of Endomarketing

Benefits of Endomarketing

Benefits of Endomarketing by Márcia Monteiro

Endomarketing (or internal marketing) is based on an institutional marketing strategy aimed at the internal public of an organisation. In general, it’s a combination of actions between the HR (Human Resources) department and the Marketing department. The HR department must know the needs of its employees, turning problems into opportunities to improve, ensuring this way, a better and more positive working environment. By joining forces between the HR and the Marketing departments, it will be possible to draw strategies and actions that will bring good results for both the employees and the company or organisation.

Do you know the benefits endomarketing can bring to your company or organisation?

#1- Motivation: almost everyone aims to work in an inspiring working environment that expresses concern for its workers. Endomarketing actions convey that kind of concern and attention, and they also acknowledge those that integrate the company or organisation.

#2- Productivity: Motivation also increases productivity because when employees feel satisfied with their work, it’s easier to be more proactive, deliver quality work and results. It’s very important that endomarketing encourages the sharing of motivations, objectives and goals of the company or organisation, as this is the only way employees can work for a common good.

#3- Keep talented employees: We know that the labour market is very competitive, but we also know that despite the number of people looking for a job, there are also the ones we already know, value and respect for their work. Letting an employee go is always a great loss for any company or organisation. It’s necessary to keep in mind that this kind of employee is the most requested in the labour market, so he or she needs to be appreciated.

#4 – Relationship: Through endomarketing actions, it’s possible to show the employees that the company or organisation is open to listening to their suggestions and who knows, to encourage them. It’s very important for workers to feel heard and respected, and, therefore, contribute to the company’s success.

#5 – Working quality and well-being: We know that on average each employee spends about 8 hours a day at his working place. Some days can be quite stressful and hard. Keeping a positive and healthy organisational environment is vital to make these days less painful, so companies and organisations should promote endomarketing actions that convey their concern for the health and well-being of their employees.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader
London School of Design and Marketing

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