Design as Business

Design as Business

“Design as business” by Armando Vilas-Boas

Why is it important to design a business model for the design trade? Because the business model thinking is the best way for a design business to adapt to the changes that the world and life constantly face. For that matter, here’s a brief introduction to the main topics that constitute a business model.


The main elements of a business strategy are split into four levels:

— The vision of a business should represent what kind of business you’re dealing with;

— The corporate objectives and strategy should demonstrate how the business will achieve success in a long-term period;

— The operational and functional objectives and tactics illustrate how the corporate strategy is implemented on an operational level;

— Structure and resources identify which material and human needs the business requires in order to work.


When we transpose the same elements to a more personal level, the main elements of a personal business strategy should be:

— Vision, as the image of what you want to be;

— The long-term strategies, which will be the definition of how you’ll achieve your personal goals;

— The short-term strategies or tactics, which represent the means and ways you put your plan to work;

— And the lower level, referring to the resources and structure you need to have as key knowledge and the means to make everything happen.


Armando Vilas-Boas – MA Design Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing



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