Effective Actions for Internal Marketing

Effective Actions for Internal Marketing

“Effective Actions for Internal Marketing” by Márcia Monteiro

A company or organisation is made of people, they are the ones who work, they take care of clients, they are responsible for the production and the processes of the organisation. Having employees passionate about their work can make all the difference not only in their personal lives but also for the company or the organisation’s success. The foundation for this to happen starts essentially in internal communication, as it contributes to a proper and productive organisational environment.

Next, we will introduce some examples of internal marketing actions (endomarketing) that you could apply in your company or organisation and, at the same time, contribute to the well being of your employees:

1 – Career Plan Disclosure: This action has been more and more adopted by companies around the world and consists of disclosing a career plan for employees, hoping to motivate them to evolve professionally within the organisation.

2-Employer of the month/week/year: recognising an employee every week/month/year can be an excellent encouragement not only to the ones who stand out but also to colleagues who also aspire to be outstanding. This recognition increases motivation, self-esteem, and sense of belonging.

3 – Happy Hours: there are companies that believe that dedicating a few hours or even a day of work to activities unrelated to work can be unfavourable but this idea is getting outdated. Having moments of interaction, exchanging ideas, funny moments, or any ludic activity can increase the level of productivity and motivation, making employees work in a good mood.

4 – Birthday Parties: this example follows the same dynamic of Happy Hours. The goal is to bring employees together in a fun and relaxed time to celebrate their co-workers’ birthdays.

5 – Christmas or New Year’s Eve party: this is a social event that aims to promote the brotherhood among all the employees of a company or organisation. It’s important not to let these commemorative dates pass by, as they might have a significant weight in some countries. The company or organisation can promote a dinner party or even the “secret friend” game.

6 – Courses or Training: It’s important that companies and organisations offer their employees opportunities to develop new skills or knowledge, not only to improve their professional performance but also to motivate them to become even more skilled professionals.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader
London School of Design and Marketing


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