LSDM International Representative – Colombia

LSDM International Representative – Colombia

The London School of Design and Marketing announces that starting from today there is an International Representative in Colombia called Edison Martinez Soler.

Edison Martinez Soler has 10 years of experience in Marketing having worked as Marketing Director, Market and Advertising Director, speaker/lecturer in sectors such as the media sector, advertising, education, entertainment and others. He is the CEO of a consulting agency named “Mr Marketing”, he is a  graphic designer and an event manager of events such as BTL and ATL, among others. He is also the Director of Programmes in Colombia focused on life consulting projects at an educational level. Currently, he is developing research in Marketing and Advertising (Politécnico Grancolombian), he owns the certificate for Digital Marketing Specialist (Planeta Hipermedia España), the certificate for Web Positioning (Actiformación España), the certificate for Graphic Design and Digital Illustration (Actiformación España), a degree in Marketing Management  ((Politécnico da Colômbia), among others. He is also a consultor and specialist in active marketing operating in over 15 multinational companies in Colombia. Plus, he works by the community as a Social Coordinator in localities close to Bogota.

We believe that Edison Martinez Soler is an asset for the communication and dissemination of LSDM’s educational offer because he shares the same values of quality in teaching, innovation and proximity to the labour market reality.

Therefore, Edison Martinez Soler the International Representative of LSDM in Colombia will contribute for closer communication with the Colombian market, where e-learning training is a competitive advantage and valued by the target audiences.

If you wish to learn more and you are in Colombia, please do not hesitate to contact:

Edison Martinez Soler
LSDM’s International Representative in Colombia
+57 3045904488

London School of Design and Marketing

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