Marketing Strategies at Christmas

Marketing Strategies at Christmas

“Marketing Strategies at Christmas” by Márcia Monteiro

When companies and brands start developing a marketing and communication strategy specifically for Christmas, it’s very important to do it in a timely manner. According to a study conducted by Google, about 26% of consumers start their Christmas shopping in October, so businesses and brands must be prepared to respond to the increase in consumerism experienced at that time. We believe that all marketing actions should occur throughout the year and not just in Christmas, but this can also be considered the ideal motto for creating new solutions and new ways of communicating.

1# Set a Calendar and Planning

Companies and brands should set a timetable and a marketing planning for Christmas as early as possible. As we’ve seen, more and more consumers are starting their Christmas shopping early, so companies and brands should be according to the purchase behaviour.

2# Create an identity for Christmas

With regard to the visual communication, you should start preparing it – even if temporary – the company or the brand’s image on the website, shop windows or social networks, should be associated to the holiday spirit.

3# Customised offer

It is time to do something different. Instead of displaying the same products or services (even with Christmas discounts), take advantage of this festive season and create something different, with value and meaning. Customise products and services could be a good solution.

4# Work in Inbound Marketing

We know that Inbound Marketing aims to attract new customers through relevant content, so we believe it would be useful to add content allusive to the festive season (for example, gift ideas, family gift packs, etc.) to the online store.

5# Sweepstakes and Contests

The sweepstakes and contests may take place during the whole year, but especially during this festive season, there are more reasons to do it. We suggest you explore other concepts associated with Christmas to encourage the audience to participate (for example, sending out phrases, photos, videos …).

6#Do not forget Digital

Not only during the holiday season but throughout the year, if your business or brand works with online channels, you shouldn’t neglect the Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Landing Pages, Email Marketing and mobile formats associated with the Christmas spirit.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing

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