Marketing Trends for 2019

Marketing Trends for 2019

Marketing Trends for 2019 by Márcia Monteiro

1 # Advertising VS Content

In the last couple of years, consumers have been underestimating advertising ads. A survey conducted by Nielsen (2015) has shown that the four most reliable sources in advertising are: the people we know, the brand’s official website, editorial sites and real testimonials. About 30% of Internet users use ad blockers. So, one of the main marketing trends for 2019 is Content Marketing. However, it doesn’t mean that brands and companies should leave advertising behind, but it’s imperative to develop campaigns that really add value to your target audience.

2 # Facebook VS Instagram

Facebook will continue to be the leading social network with the largest number of users worldwide. However, marketeers should be aware of the evolution in terms of audience in social media. Studies conducted in several countries have shown the age range of Facebook users has increased to over 65 years-old. On the other hand, there are several studies that demonstrated the predominant age group of Instagram is under 30 years-old. Marketing professionals should have the ability to analyse and decide whether it makes sense to be on social networks, considering their target audiences. In the case of making sense, it’s very important to have a social networking strategy and strategy, with clear goals (e.g. raising visibility, building relationships, getting leads, etc). Otherwise, marketing professionals must find other channels to communicate and promote their brands or companies while keeping their focus: the target audience.

3 # Automation VS Customisation

We can’t deny that automation has simplified and improved many tasks, especially in sales departments. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind that in certain business areas, personal or customised interaction is still highly valued. Consumers are more and more aware and they actually realise whether they are in an automation process or not. In business areas where customisation is highly valued, marketing professionals should consider using chatbots (for instance). Chatbots interact with humans in a natural way, mainly through the use of text chat windows. Verbal interactions are also possible.

4 # written content VS video content

Content Marketing will continue leading the ranking for the major marketing trends of 2019. However, we can also develop valuable and extremely important content, by creating videos. Currently, almost all video storage platforms allow obtaining performance metrics that help marketing professionals. The consumption of this kind of video content has increased and is currently considered one of the best communication tools. Besides, by doing so via video you can capture and transmit another kind of information, that in writing could not be so easy.

5 # Real intelligence vs. Artificial intelligence

Several studies have shown that we are witnessing an increase in Artificial Intelligence (IA) in several sectors. The AI has made data analysis more efficient, targeting potential leads, simplifying and/or performing tasks, monitoring consumers’ online behaviour patterns and helping marketing professionals understand this kind of behaviour in real-time. Although there are many sceptical professionals on this topic, in terms of marketing, it’s undoubtedly a trend for 2019. However, depending on the business area or type of target audience, marketing professionals should have the ability to analyse and decide whether or not to adopt this trend in a marketing strategy.

6 # Written Research VS Verbal Research

Although written and verbal research can produce different results, marketing professionals should be aware of the numbers. Verbal research is a technological tool that allows you to search for information about a particular subject, product or brand in real-time without using a keyboard, simplifying the entire process. Several studies show that verbal research is going to increase in the upcoming years. Marketing is increasingly complex, so it’s imperative that marketing professionals become aware of new technologies, methods and emerging standards.

7 # Hired Influencers versus Actual Influencers

Influencer Marketing is a classic strategy on social networks, but we have witnessed some considerable changes recently. At an early stage, brands and companies chose to hire people or celebrities to promote their products or services in order to influence their consumers. However, the trend for 2019 is oriented towards consumers, for them to be influenced by real people with the same needs, lifestyles, etc.

Remember, there are more “ways” to build an effective marketing strategy, but the trends we have introduced in this article can help many marketing professionals achieve some of their goals.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing


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