New International Representative in Brazil

New International Representative in Brazil

Thiago Bento de Freitas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from UNIP (São Paulo), is currently studying Administration and is specializing in Digital Marketing and New Media. He works as an independent university consultant, offering educational solutions, exclusively for those interested in Online European Universities. He also works as a consultant in digital management, through “Web Digital Business” providing advice in communication in digital media.

Thiago Freitas believes that the recent transformations and their disruptive innovations in teaching have become more democratic, enabling the student to have a multidisciplinary training, recognized, certified and with the facility to attend a course in the comfort of home or office.

We believe that Thiago Freitas is an asset in communicating and disseminating LSDM’s educational offer because he shares of the same values of quality in teaching, innovation and proximity to the reality of the labour market. Therefore, Thiago Freitas the International Representative of LSDM in Brazil, will contribute for a closer communication with the Brazilian market where e-learning training is a competitive advantage and valued by target audiences.

If you wish to learn more and you are in Brazil, please do not hesitate to contact:

Thiago Freitas
LSDM’s International Representative in Brazil
+ 55 16 99156 5866
[email protected]

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