New International Representative in Brazil

New International Representative in Brazil

The London School of Design and Marketing announced that starting today there is an International Representative in Brazil called Ani Mari Hartz.

Ani Mari Hartz has a PhD in Communication Sciences (UNISINOS) and a postdoctoral degree in Marketing (NOVA SBE). Currently, in addition to her position of member and director at Ani Hartz Consultancy she is also a marketing teacher at the ESPM South and a speaker at various events such as the Marketing and Communication Convention and the Fashion Congress. It has more than 50 articles published and is one of the authors of the “Marketing Plan: guide, techniques and recommendations” launched in 2013.

We believe that Ani Hartz is an asset in communicating and disseminating LSDM’s educational offer because she shares of the same values of quality in teaching, innovation and proximity to the reality of the labour market.

Therefore, Ani Hartz the International Representative of LSDM in Brazil, will contribute for a closer communication with the Brazilian market where e-learning training is a competitive advantage and valued by target audiences.

If you wish to learn more and you are in Brazil, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ani Mari Hartz

LSDM’s International Representative in Brazil

+55 51 999737854

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