New Year’s resolutions in Marketing

New Year’s resolutions in Marketing

New Year’s resolutions in Marketing” by Márcia Monteiro

New Year’s celebration is often seen as an opportunity to reflect upon the past year and set new goals for the new year. It is also the time to rethink our individual choices and renew our hopes.

Is it possible to adopt the same way of thinking in Marketing? Yes, that’s why we are going to challenge all marketers to gather some ideas about the New Year’s Resolutions in Marketing and thrive in their professional careers. The goal? It should be met until the end of 2019. Good luck!

Personal resolutions in your working environment:
– Celebrate every victory (big or small)
– improve professional skills or your level of knowledge
– take a new course or do a workshop/training
– adopt a collaborative behaviour
– improve your inter-personal relationship with the team
– plan and organise all actions in a timely manner
– organise productive meetings
– change or improve the decoration of the office/company
– learn how to manage conflict and deal with pressure/stress

Professional Resolutions – Tasks:
– Clean and update your database
– Increase sales by 30% in 2019
– Start or improve the company/brand Newsletter
– Duplicate website traffic
– Increase by 50% the number of followers on Social Networks
– Correct the SEO’s mistakes
– Triple the number of Leads
– Increase the conversion rate of Leads by 10%
– Reach a stand between the 5th and the 20th on Google
– Expand production or conquer a new market strategic
– Analyse and restructure the company/brand’s persona
– Venture on a new marketing strategy
– Try a new approach to the market

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader

London School of Design and Marketing

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