The Role of a Designer in Society

The Role of a Designer in Society

Design is everywhere and is something complex. Decisions are made considering a practical solution in a certain context. The visual project of “The Role of a Designer in Society” comes from the need and sense of personal obligation to explain and show what design is, in an appealing way. Starting by the ones who will soon become professionals, and thus, may contribute to a more informed society aware of the designer’s role in society: the students.

Through a methodology of design thinking and an interactive process, several stages are performed, analysed and improved continuously, in order to produce a quality final project.

The format that was chosen to face the problem was the website with a focus on mobile devices. The choice was influenced by two factors: the surveys answered by the target audience and their characteristics. For the transmission of information about the several areas of design, to become more appealing and interesting, storytelling techniques were used. Involving the user in several challenges, specific of each area of design, allowing him to make decisions as if he was a designer. While he solves the challenges that were proposed, he receives information about a certain area of the design.

While developing the interface and focus on the user’s experience, were considered aspects such as visual coherence, the creation of layouts, the typography, the colour and dimension of buttons. Different usability tests were implemented, and the results contributed to improve the user’s interface and experience.

One of the project’s goals, as it evolves, consists in adding new areas of design and new challenges. Having a continuous development, through the user’s feedback and suggestions.

Vitor Amorim – MA Design Student

London School of Design and Marketing


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