What you shouldn’t do in Self-Marketing

What you shouldn’t do in Self-Marketing

“What you shouldn’t do in Self-Marketing” by Márcia Monteiro

It’s common knowledge that people who develop their self-marketing are more likely to stand out in the labour market. Working with self-marketing is a lifelong investment that can bring vital self-knowledge about yourself and can help you achieve very positive results, not only in your professional activity but also in your personal relationships.

Self-marketing is nothing more than the set of strategies that will bring more value to your image, promoting your personal image, content and work. It will thereby bring value to people, businesses and organisations by positively promoting their skills and competencies.

However, whether it seems easy to develop our self-marketing with a positive attitude, a nice proper behaviour (such as being punctual, good listener, good speaker), or even taking good care of your appearance, the truth is there are plenty of attitudes that should not be adopted while developing your self-marketing and unfortunately, most of them are being ignored.

Next, we will give you some behaviours that you should avoid:

#1 – Avoid showing arrogance: by transmitting a self-centred image, you will not be able to captivate sympathy and empathy with others.
#2 – Avoid making jokes: many people use humour to break the ice and interact with others. However, we should be very careful with our choice of words, they can hurt someone’s feelings, even if it’s not on purpose.
#3 – Avoid giving strong opinions: as with jokes, when we have strong opinions on sensitive issues (e.g. religion, politics or society) or people may get offended, so ideally, the best is to maintain a neutral position.
#4 – Do not overdress: when you go to a job interview, it’s normal to be careful with your image. However, do not exaggerate and dress carefully and proper for the occasion. A job interview isn’t exactly a parade, so we should be considered in this aspect.
#5 – Do not engage in false advertising: there are people that worship their own self-marketing and end up promoting skills and characteristics they often do not possess. The ideal is, to be honest, and to celebrate your actual qualities.
#6 – Talk too much: establishing a good dialogue is very important. It’s necessary to know how to speak, express a point of view, argue and maintain a conversation. However, this conversation should be mutual, and never a monologue or the other person won’t know that you are listening, paying attention and that you have an interest in what he or she is saying.

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader
London School of Design and Marketing


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