Tips to be a Digital Influencer

Tips to be a Digital Influencer

“Tips to be a Digital Influencer” by Márcia Monteiro

The change of paradigm that we’ve been recently witnessing is undeniable. Brands are putting more and more trust in the promotion and communication of its products and services through the opinion of digital influencers. If, at an early stage, there were digital influencers promoting products and services for personal reasons based on their experience and usage, nowadays, there are more and more brands looking for digital influencers, encouraging them to use their products and services instead, and rewarding them for that. There are even some people who consider that being an influencer is a normal occupation, like any other.

If you’re thinking of becoming part of these emerging occupations and posts, no matter the social network, here are some tips for you to become a true digital influencer.

#1 – Define your Target: the first topic you should consider is your target audience. The more specific, the better it will be for you to reach that market share.

#2 – Quality Content: creating quality content is the only existing way to attract the target in an organic way. More than developing critical content with real opinions, it’s very important to use a certain type of communication according to the language used by your target.

#3 – Prioritize your skills: it doesn’t make any sense to become a digital influencer in an area or subject you do not master. Consumers are paying more and more attention and they know exactly who the real digital influencers are, expert authorities of a particular theme or area. So, develop some critical content with real opinions and add something else besides the information that already exists available.

#4 – Get a professional account: by getting a professional account (especially on Instagram) you will have access to valuable information that is usually not available in personal/normal accounts. For instance, it’s very important to have access to the performance analysis, the number of interactions or the socio-demographic profile of visitors/followers. The better we know our followers, the easier it will be to keep them.

#5 – Algorithm Rules: This is a subject that has caused some discomfort to some digital influencers. If previously the publications were visible in chronological order, now it’s necessary to pay attention to the algorithm, namely:
– average time each user is online;
– level of user interest in a particular post;
– level of user interaction with a particular post;
– data exchange with other social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc).

Márcia Monteiro – MA Marketing Course Leader
London School of Design and Marketing

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