10 Great Reasons Why LSDM’s Online Courses are Perfect for You

10 Great Reasons Why LSDM’s Online Courses are Perfect for You

1) Save travelling time & costs

The London School of Design and Marketing offers Courses 100% Online, which allow you to take a master’s or a bachelor’s degree and take webinars and specialisation programs in any country you may be at the time.

2) Learn in your own language

LSDM courses and contents are available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Even if you intend to take the course in a language other than the native language, you only need to have the qualification certificate for you to be evaluated in one of those languages.

3) Study at your own pace

Our studies’ programs are structured and designed so that each student can define his/her learning schedule, allowing you to complete each unit according to your time and with the support from the Tutor Centre. This allows each student to juggle their studies with professional and personal aspects.

4) Collaborate with students all over the world

Two Study areas, four courses. Online. No boundaries. This allows you to collaborate and connect with students and classmates all over the world. It’s a massive opportunity for you to improve your networking skills and boost your multicultural knowledge.

5) Access original quality contents in different formats

The LSDM teaching team designed a whole set of multi-format content (Visual, Texts, Video, and Webinars). All contents are designed and produced exclusively by LSDM, therefore offering a set of original, multi-language current contents in tune with present market trends.

6) Be part of practical and experiential learning activities

Our study programs include specific simulators which allow you to build a team and enter a virtual market for a specific product. They also include activities, self-assessment opportunities, expert’s webinars, specific libraries, for each area offered by LSDM.

7) Full educational support from Tutor Centre

We want to be part of your ambitions, so we have a Tutor Centre assigned to each course (Marketing and Design), available to provide you custom support in your learning path .

8) Close contact with experts and professionals

The LSDM provides its students with experience and direct contact with the market, reconciling theory with practice, the focus is to enable students to have synergies between school and strategic partnerships.

9) Get passionate about developing your talent

“Where Passion Becomes a Profession” is our brand signature, and our mission, to assure that you have the tools to kick off a successful career.

10) Get an award from UCA, named UK’s number one specialist university for creative industries

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) accredits all four of our courses: BA (Hons) Marketing, BA (Hons) Design, MA Marketing and MA Design.

It’s been considered the number one specialist University for creative arts in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2018.

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