The advantages of Press Office as Marketing and Branding Strategy

The advantages of Press Office as Marketing and Branding Strategy

A Press Office is one of the most used marketing strategies by companies, organizations or brands. What many people still don’t know is that is can also work just as effectively (or more so) as Branding than advertising.

A Press office does not guarantee a company or person will be in the media as it does not purchase slots in the newspapers, magazines, radio or websites. This is the main difference between press office and advertising. Press office conquers space in the media without necessarily involving any payment. This reach has a lot more influence, has a lot more credibility for the potential client and can bring better results. Besides, what sets such areas apart – asides from the content of the message, format, language – is the fact that the final content is determined by the means of communication (TV, newspapers, radio, etc…), meaning, the result can be either positive or negative, since the message in uncontrollable. If the press officer has a clear, fluent and true speech and if that reflects in the information sent out to the media, the probability of negative content being published is lower. However, if the information conveyed corresponds to what is expected, it may work as a powerful Branding tool.


What are the advantages of using Press Office as Marketing and Branding Strategy?

  1. Spontaneous media are very efficient. Contents in which the company, organization, brand, product or service appears as the source are still the best way to show the final client or the market that what is to be communicated and later sold is among the best.


  1. Markets are increasingly saturated as companies, organizations or brands want to appear and be a press source. At this stage, a press office professional should have a deep knowledge of the market and an effective relationship with journalists in order to remain in their mind and guarantee a publication. Constantly offering interesting content not only to the market and society but also to a journalist will help you remain in such journalist’s mind and will cause him to resort to a press officer whenever he needs quality news content.


  1. Having a team in the press office department that understands communication holistically makes it possible to outline more effective planning which will contemplate every area, increasing the wideness of the work done and enabling the company, organization, brand, product or service to reach its potential final client quicker.


  1. Depending on the market, having a press office is very important in times of crisis to manage the contact with the media and avoid possible unnecessary developments, while still telling the truth and showing the company’s opinion and information which are relevant for the transparency of such fact.


  1. A good brand management means carrying out a strategic plan capable of making the final client choose the product or service over others when making the purchase. Therein lies the concept of Branding, meaning, it consists of “persuading outsiders to buy and insiders to believe”.


  1. The results of such work have a crucial impact on any company, organization or brand’s Branding, as it increases the connection with stakeholders, meaning people directly interested in the business area.


  1. A story in national media that portrays a positive approach to the company, organization or brand will a very different impact on a prospection connection. In this outlook, it can also increase the credibility from stakeholders, who are also news consumers. A press office is a way of having a positive and widespread impact on the external public and consequently reaching the company’s employees.


  1. The better the company, organization or brand’s branding, the more value and credibility people will give the product or service. A company, organization or brand with personality, character, incredible graphic pieces and suitable discourses will do nothing if that does not reach potential final clients.


Márcia Monteiro

MA Marketing Course Leader

LSDM – London School of Design and Marketing


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