Market trends in Design and how they reflect on our MA in Design

Market trends in Design and how they reflect on our MA in Design

At LSDM we’re always keeping an eye on design trends and our MA intends to be both a reflection of what goes on in the world of Design and a forecaster of trends, preparing our students to not only be aware of what’s going on but also to be trendsetters themselves. This requires not only a great amount of awareness of everything that surrounds us but also a strong ability not to go with the flow and stay tuned on what’s essential within the designer’s activity.


As an example, “How Magazine” defined trends for the design market. And these trends are tightly related to the way our MA course in Design was conceived and is implemented. Let’s look at these trends:


Digital experiences, based on human-centric design and niche user experiences mainly in mobile devices. The single fact that our school is based on online delivery not only highlights this fact while stating us as forerunners but also makes sure that our students come prepared to deal with digital media and a way to think in digital terms. Thus, throughout the whole course, it is inevitable that our students deal with digital experiences on a daily basis.


Branding, brands have been relying on unwanted distractions for people to be more prone to accept their products. Now, to attract consumers, brands will have to become «less branded» and reflect their personalities more richly and consistently through various channels. The enriching interaction between our school’s main subjects — Design and Marketing — allows us to hold a considerable know-how on all marketing matters. That strong know-how on contemporary marketing has been embedded into our MA in Design and our students are encouraged to explore branding in every regard.


Virtual reality: mixing reality and fiction, providing an increased feeling of veracity to fictional surroundings and actions. Since Interactive Design is one of our three inherent branches of design, students are encouraged to dwell into more advanced areas such as virtual reality and enhanced reality, even exploring these topics in Applied Design Project (the final practical project that spans throughout 32 weeks) if they so desire. This topic also combines all three branches of design (Visual Design, Interaction Design and Product Design).


Web Design brings visual design to all sorts and sizes of screens everywhere. Gathering skills from the branches of Visual Design, Interaction Design and Web Design — or, more accurately, design for interaction on the screen — is a trend that is here to stay. The proliferation of screens everywhere and our growing interaction with them turned this trend into an outstanding area that we strongly consider here at LSDM.


Tools for designers: allowing designers to venture into uncharted territory with the aid of tools programmed and fine-tuned by fellow designers. In every unit, our students are encouraged to use and take full advantage of this kind of tools, which allow them to enhance their productivity and be up to date on the state of the art in this area while turning them into power users that may become an integral part of the community that creates this type of software.


Animation and motion graphics, as a metaphor for our continuously evolving visual life in motion. Moving images are the bread and butter of everyday life and as such our students are driven to incorporate these media into their work and the presentation of their work.


Business & Design, meaning the progressive merging of design with various sectors of business life, not anymore solely as a provider to business but also as integral part in processes and decisions within the businesses. At LSDM we recognize that Design is not only an honourable profession but also a growing trade. Moreover, conviction lies at the very core of our beliefs and our course’s units, turning our students right away into knowledgeable managers of their own intellectual assets within and outside design.


Elevation of Design, realizing the increasing amount of attention that the design activity, in general, keeps getting as a profit-enticing activity. The certainty that Design is an area for the future is one of the cornerstones of LSDM. That’s why we’ve partnered Design with Marketing, thus uniting these two areas of knowledge that bind together so well within our school, to the full advantage of our students.


We believe that our MA in Design is tailored for the future!

*Article by Course Leader, MA Design


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