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September 21, 2023
LSDM_Packaging as a Brand Marketing Strategy in the Italian Retail Sector

Packaging as a Brand Marketing Strategy: Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

The container of a product, also known as packaging, became one of the most effective communication resources. Due to the advent of technology, the rise of self-service, and the ongoing evolution of consumers’ living, the packaging increasingly assumed a stimulus of impulsive buying behaviour.
September 7, 2023
LSDM_Saving Civilian Lives: Design of a Smart Medical Kit for Inaccessible War Regions

Saving Civilian Lives: Design of a Smart Medical Kit for Inaccessible War Regions

A conceptual design was planned, as a basis for a pursuing governmental maturation project. The desired outcome was a testable prototype of a kit, adequate for laymen under war conditions. A backpack sized smart medical kit was designed, new, concerning lay-usability, serving from prevention to aftercare, and diagnostics nearly approaching doctors’ practice conditions.
August 25, 2023

The Retail Design Paradigm and its Correlation with Neuroscience

Neuroscience uses technology to measure the brain’s response to stimuli, providing consumer researchers insights. As such, the research outcomes from consumer neuroscience can be of significant value to retailers.
June 23, 2023
Web3 Design Studios

Web3 Design Studios: A Business Case for Web 3 Creators

The Web3 is an opportunity for digital creators to find new forms of work. This third phase of the Internet's development promises deeper user engagement, a decentralised culture, and enhanced immersive experiences.
May 15, 2023
LSDM Blog Article sound Design

The Practice of Sound Design in Eastern Congo’s Community Radio stations

In order to fully unleash the potential of sound design in eastern Congo's community media, it is crucial that training is provided to the radios' staff members as well as members of the general public. Funders and actors from the private sector can play a key role in democratizing sound design, a step which will benefit all members of the community through an enhanced auditive experience.
April 19, 2023

How can the metaverse change the business world? The case of the Portuguese company JOINCO

It is good to understand that the Metaverse is no longer science fiction, but a new level of reality that combines the real and virtual universe.
March 29, 2023

Plant-based pies in South Africa – Elitist trend or the future?

Pieman’s is the largest manufacturer of pies in South Africa and the cost of their primary ingredient, meat, has increased dramatically over the last two years making it difficult to maintain their profitability targets. This research conducted two interviews and three focus groups to establish the suitability of developing a […]
March 6, 2023

Learning Environment Design: Optimising Classrooms for 21st Century Learning

There has been significant research and development in the field of education however primarily the focus has been on curriculum and pedagogy. The aim of this project was to research the current thinking on 21st Century education and then consider the physical space in which the students learn ‘the classroom’ […]
February 7, 2023

Leon Logothetis “Go Be Kind” Personal Branding

It’s undeniable that today, Personal Marketing is an indispensable factor to consider in order to achieve professional success. This work focuses on the Personal Marketing as a sales strategy for Leon Logothetis brand “Go Be Kind.” Leon is a best-selling author, TV host and motivational speaker whose mission is to […]
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