Strategic Marketing

5 Days (35h) with practical component

Why the Strategic Marketing Short Course?

Companies take advantage of strategic marketing to identify and find ways to meet their customers’ needs. Executives and marketing managers use strategic marketing to create a marketing plan to improve business performance and increase profits.

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Designed and meant for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and people interested in a practical education with real applicability in strategic marketing, management and trade. The program for our Strategic Marketing intensive course provides knowledge, new ways of managing and planning strategic marketing so that the participants can face the biggest challenges today.

Our Strategic Marketing intensive course examines the main elements of marketing strategy and understands how companies created and keep a competitive advantage through the development of marketing strategies. Our participants will be challenged to develop strategic thinking and to articulate different elements of such process linking mission, vision and goals with segmentation, positioning (STP), competitive offering and target markets.

A strategic analysis is crucial for the development of the marketing strategy and should be in tune with the main trends in companies’ marketing environment.

Multilingual Teacher.

Written course contents available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.



Environmental, Internal Analysis and Standpoints

In the first day component, we’ll address contents of internal and external analysis of organisations as a deep understanding of every element composing and interacting in the market which will enable the participants to develop effective marketing strategies. The nature and setting of a marketing strategy will be examined as well as the contributions of value co-creation and social media. The development of a marketing strategy will allow organisations to develop a strategic position regarding the external environment, its resources, internal skills, expectations and influence by the concerned parties. The approach to the market research methods will be vital to understanding the different types of customers as well as to identify competitors.



Segmentation, Positioning and Market

In this component, we’ll discuss the process of Strategic Marketing Management (SMM), namely strategic options and decisions. The goal is understanding the underlying foundations which drive future strategies. The participants will understand the profitability of the organisation’s strengths to capitalise on external opportunities and/or minimise threats while investing in opportunities to overcome the biggest weaknesses of organisations. To this end, we’ll address concepts such as segmentation and positioning of the organisation, contributing to the elaboration of a competitive marketing strategy through research and modelling techniques which may be applied to operationalise segmentation and positioning. Finally, the participants will learn to build an evaluation of market attractiveness, as well as a company’s competitive position.



Competitive advantages and innovation

In component number three, our participants will learn to identify organisations’ competitive advantages using specific methods to create a competitive advantage. The main strategy approached will be the new marketing mix through the analysis of the following elements: product, price, place and promotion. Each of such elements should contribute to a coherent and comprehensive marketing program which communicates and delivers the desired value to customers. At last, we’ll examine innovation factors. This is one of the most important concerns for each organisation, as well as its impact on the development of a competitive advantage.



Relationship Marketing Strategies

One of the most important trends in marketing thinking and practice in the last few years has been the change in approach to reach individual transactions in order to establish long-term relationships with customers. While transactional marketing refers to a single sale, relationship marketing corresponds to a relationship with the customer which will lead to business/shopping recurrence as well as the creation of opportunities for additional business development. After understanding the importance of a relationship with the customer, the time will come for the participants to determine how to implement marketing strategies as, even in an organisation, different strategies for different companies or products may be necessary.



Implementation of the Final Project

In the final day, our participants will be challenged to undertake a study case using every concept, exercise and method acquired throughout the course. In the end, each participant will be invited to present his work, debating ideas and new forms of action in the market.

Note: every participant will receive a participation certificate/diploma and can enjoy a registration discount in one of LSDM’s courses valid for 12 months.


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