Marketing BA (Hons)


Why a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing?

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  • Award: Degree
  • Course Title: Marketing BA (Hons)
  • UK Credits: 360
  • Study Mode: 100% online
  • Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Duration: 36 months (3 stages)
Course Overview
Our Bachelor’s in Marketing has been conceived for those who wish to acquire new skills, knowledge in Marketing, promoting management and marketing solutions and propositions. Our course’s strategic and creative thinking take the leading edge in marketing management, providing LSDM’s students with the knowledge and understanding of marketing practices in corporate contexts. Its highly practical component will allow LSDM’s students to create a framework of marketing management strategies, and analysis and evaluation processes and techniques.

The course prepares professionals for several areas of marketing and management, offering an advanced and comprehensive higher education, coordinated and supported by the latest developments in the scientific and technological fields.

Our teaching staff is composed of qualified, experienced and reputable teachers. Besides the Doctorate level academic degree, they present well-established professional careers, connecting the academic component with the job market.

LSDM’s students are supervised on a weekly basis through a Tutor Centre composed of a team of specialised tutors in Marketing, with Master’s degrees and several years of proven experience. Our Tutor Centre is also available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is intended for students, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs with ambition or an established career in the marketing industry. The students of our Bachelor’s in Marketing will have the opportunity to work in communication agencies, companies in several sales areas or responsible for developing products or services, market studies, digital marketing and advertising, taking on the role of marketing managers, creatives, client managers, business managers, among others.
Course Structure
Our Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is 100% online, designed for learning in accordance with our students’ availability, without a fixed timetable. In other words, LSDM’s students can define when or where they can access our contents. Only the final assignments and specific presentations will be scheduled in a fixed timetable, which will be reported in due time to LSDM’s students.




Marketing Principles

Product Management

Managing the Marketing-Mix

Research Methods

International Business and Economics

Managing Services in Marketing

Business Management

Communication Management

Human Resources Management

Market, Ideology and culture

Market Research

Financial Management

Marketing Lab A

Marketing Lab C

Marketing Plan

Strategic and Operational Marketing

Price Management

Final Major Project

Managerial Economics

Integrated Marketing Communication

Consumer Behaviour

Sales Management

Descriptive Statistics

Channel Management

Marketing Lab B

Marketing Lab D

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In about 27 months, LSDM’s students will have completed our Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing accredited by the University for the Creative Arts, one of the top specialized universities in the creative industries in United Kingdom.

Teaching and learning methods used in this course:

  • Taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • Course with 3 levels with and a total of 26 curricular units;
  • The units’ content is asynchronous and organised by weekly topics;
  • You can access to the content whenever and wherever you want;
  • Our Tutor Centre functions as a support and interaction tool for our students;
  • Online resources (such as lectures, seminars and discussions, tutorials and feedback sessions, forums, online discussion groups and practical exercises).
Entry Requirements
Candidates can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing through the following application options:
Applicants must have concluded Secondary Education in their country of origin attested by a certificate legally issued.

Applicants must have relevant and recent professional experience demonstrating their ability to study a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, subject to the approval of LSDM based on the affinity and relevance of the student’s basic education, training and projects’ experience. A portfolio will be asked to the candidate revealing their professional experience in the area of Marketing.

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS can also apply. Will be carried out an analysis between the student and the responsible for the LSDM’s student support about the specific needs of each case.
Language Certificates
Language certificates are only required for students who wish to attend the course in a language other than the native language. In this case, they shall provide their certificate:

You must provide the IELTS 6.0 or higher. Learn more here.

You must provide the Cervantes Certificate (DELE). Learn more here.

You must provide the Camões Certificate (PLE of CAPLE). Learn more here.
Enrolment Fee: £150
BA (Hons) Degree: £8,550
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