Design & Creative Theory


  • Certificate: Course Certificate by LSDM
  • Course Title: Design & Creative Theory
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Language: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Course Leader

Prof. Abhishek Chatterjee

PhD in Design
Researcher on Design Studies, Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship

Course Overview
This course presents an overview of the discipline of design in terms of theory, history and practice. It discusses a wide range of fundamental concepts and philosophies that are related to the field and examines design’s impact on contemporary culture, society, and identity.

Programme Details
  • Definitions of design and related philosophical concepts
  • Articulation between Aesthetics, form, and function
  • Design, semantics, and socio-economic histories
  • Links with art and other creative areas
  • Role of Design in society, policy-making, and culture
  • Role of design towards personal and organisational identity
  • Course Aims
    The aims of this Course are:
  • To enable you to understand the key areas of expertise related to design innovation (technique, representation, discourse and project activities and procedures).
  • To provide you with critical context for the cultural, scientific, experimental and logistical knowledge involved in a design project.
  • To provide cutting edge and systematic supportive framework for the development of appropriate existing and new research and analytical skills.
    Learning Outcomes
    On satisfactory completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Explain the relevance of theory to the practice of design.
  • Interpret and position design objects, environments, processes, and systems through historical and semantic contextualisation.
  • Reflect on your own understanding of design and creativity theories in light of the learnings attained from this unit.
  • Assessment Method
    Written report on a locally specific design-related context within the student’s city/region.
    London School of Design and Marketing Certificate
    Entry Requirements
    Secondary Level OR Recognition of Prior Learning / Professional Experience.
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