November 3, 2023
LSDM_Re Fab: Recycling Traditional Indian Attire - "Sari" - Through Digital Solutions

Re Fab: Recycling Traditional Indian Attire – “Sari” – Through Digital Solutions

‘The Sari’, an ambassador for India, is deeply embedded in the Indian psyche and sartorial sense due to its usage starting from the bronze age civilization over 4000 years ago. It embodies the socio-cultural & economic journey of the Indian subcontinent. Sari is relevant not only to the owner but also to people who are involved in making it, especially when it is handcrafted and to the owner who receives it once its life cycle is over.
May 8, 2022

Reuse of textile waste: upcycling and design as a viable alternative for fashion brands

Abstract: The project investigated the possibility of reusing discarded fabrics in Belo Horizonte’s small and medium-size garments and factories through upcycling, design and collaboration. The first part of the project sought to describe the theoretical foundations of the concepts of sustainability and upcycling, the cultural reflection of fashion, as well […]
April 13, 2022

MyECO: A modular and interactive solution to recycle and reduce domestic waste

Abstract: A little over 20 years ago, Sociedade Ponto Verde was taking their first steps in raising awareness of the importance of home recycling in Portugal. The first few recycling bins began appearing, TV commercials had inspiring messages, and some TV shows with the purpose of raising awareness were created. […]
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